Lekotti Air Trail Adventure visitor agreement


General terms

  1. To attend the course independently the Visitor must be over 18 years of age. Children between 10-17 years of age can participate independently, when have this agreement read and signed by parent or adult legal guardian.
  2. Minor Visitors of 6-9 years of age are allowed to participate only under the parent / adult guardian or tutor supervision. The child must be at least 110 cm height. One adult can guard up to 3 children.
  3. There are limitations for participation on Lekotin Air Trail such as pregnancy, drug or alcohol influence, physical and mental, or other condition associated with threats and risks in the client's own health or cause a danger to other Visitors.
  4. Lekotti Air Trail Adventure’s visitor is responsible for the health and safety for himself or herself and for the minor/minors he or she accompanies, as well as insure the safety of other visitors that may come into direct contact while on the trail.
  5. The Visitor is responsible for the careful use of safety equipment. The visitor is liable to compensate the full price cost of the equipment or cost of repair in the event the damage is caused to equipment or structures of the trails due to a visitor’s negligence or deliberate action.
  6. By signing this agreement the Visitor grants the irrevocable right to the Owner to use photos and/or video of adults and/or minors that have been taken during the visit, for the purposes related to the use and promotion of the of Lekotti Air Trail Adventure and/or Lekotti Vacation Club.


It is forbidden

  1. To enter the trails under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances.
  2. To enter or move along the trail without the safety equipment.
  3. To take off the safety equipment and pass it over to other person.
  4. To leave the area of of Lekotin Air Trail Adventure while the safety equipment is on (if there is a need to go to the toilet, cafeteria or etc, safety harness must be taken off and left with the supervising instructor, then dressed back again and checked by the instructor for proper fit).
  5. To smoke while safety equipment is on, while on the trail or platforms and or near the wooden or rope elements.


General safety instructions

Lekotti Air Trail Adventure is equipped with Smart Belay safety system, when used properly ensures protection of the visitors and prevents accidental disconnection from the safety cable.

  1. Before climbing independently, each Visitor must go through the instructor’s briefing and training course, get permission from the supervising instructor, after the safety equipment is checked for proper fit.
  2. Visitor should understand how to go through the elements on the trail. Corresponding instructions can be found along the trail on the special plates on the poles before each element.
  3. Visitor must comply with the instructions, given by supervising instructor. In the event the state of Visitor’s health changes, or any questions occur or there is a case of a medical emergency, Visitor should immediately ask for guidance from the supporting staff on the trail. It is forbidden to undertake independent activities to get off the trail: our instructors ensure the emergency evacuation from any point of the trail.
  4. Only one Visitor is allowed per element on the same time. Before start moving, Visitor should make sure that the element is free.
  5. Visitors are free to choose the next element, as well as the level and direction of movement (with the exception of Zip-lines, which are all one-way), in accordance with the Visitor’s own self-assessment of his or her physical ability.
  6. The platforms between elements allow not more than 3 visitors at a time. When moving between platforms, it is necessary to wait, when the space on the platform is released and only after that Visitor can start moving forward.
  7. Zip-lines allow one person at a time! Zip-lining is possible only when the element and landing platform are free.
  8. Base Jump element requires additional safety equipment (performed by instructor during the training course). The Base Jump platform allows only one person at a time! The descent from Base Jump is possible only when the landing area is free.
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